The Art Of StoryTelling

We have covered a number of different topics so far but one of my favourite topics is The Art Of Storytelling and really knowing how powerful a story is online. 


If I look back at my time in school, (X years ago), I remember the stories we were told. Facts, figures, dates...these always skipped me but stories I remembered. 

I think the main reason why we remember stories is that they usually have a clear focus and educate you through entertainment.

Telling a story online or in a digital environment is becoming more and more important, especially due to the amount of information and content readily available to us 24/7.


Did you know:

  • ​There are 700k searches per minute on Google daily (Depending on where you get your stats from)
  • 5.3 trillion ads were served last year
  • We consume 100k digital words a day

Just looking at these stats, the question I have is "how will anyone find my content, let alone digest it?".

This is where stories are important.

The video above breaks down how to tell a story online. I focus on:

  • ​Why stories are vital
  • Why you are NOT the hero of your online story
  • What your role is when telling any story or getting your message across, online.

As always I have provided a PDF for you with the images of the slides. This will help you create your story online.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.​


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