Social Media Split

Episode 7 looks at the split within social media and if you don't understand this split, it will become a lot harder to grow your online presence.


With Facebook being one of the biggest data companies in the world, they have created a lot of statistics around their platform. Including:

  • ​1.86 billion profiles created
  • 307 million European users
  • 1.15 billion daily active mobile users

These stats are great BUT the questions I get a lot from my students are things like:

  • ​How do I get more followers?
  • How do I get more likes?
  • I have X amount of followers and when I send a message it is like I am talking to the converted. Therefore, how do I improve my reach?

I have come to the conclusion that the main reason why people are struggling to grow their social media or their online presence is because over the last few years there's been a big split in social media.

Split In Social Media

In this episode I will break down:

  • The split in social media
  • The difference between the visual web and the community focused web
  • How to use this split to your advantage to increase your following and your reach

Also as mentioned in the episode, you can download a PDF copy of the slides, including a funnel on the flow of traffic.


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Good luck!​

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