How To Find Out How Many LinkedIn Connections People Have

Vanity metrics seem to be something that we love to see in social media. You should never judge a book by its cover but unfortunately we do when we look at Facebook pages with a few people liking or an Instagram account with 4 followers.

I liked LinkedIn’s approach to this on our individual profiles, which was once you reach 500, it just says 500+.

Well today i will show you how you can find out the real number behind this.

Note: LinkedIn changes the layout of their site more than any other platform (it’s annoying). So this is what it looked like in December 2015. When it changes i will try and update with new screenshots.

Great LinkedIn tip….but so what?

I try to justify every tip I create and explain why it is important for building your business…but I am struggling with this one. I think this is purely out of curiosity.

I hardly ever do this but I have shown a few people when training and they liked it so I thought I would show you how it can be done.

How to find the amount of connections someone has on LinkedIn

  1. Click on someone’s profileLinkedIn Tips and Tricks

You can do this on most people’s profile that you come across. I saw a great campaign for the film “Taken 3” using LinkedIn so thought I would spy on the most dangerous man on earth, Bryan Mills.

Note: Remember LinkedIn can tell the person’s who profile you clicked on that you were looking. I will show you on another blog post how you can avoid that.

2. Click arrow next to send “name” InMail

LinkedIn tips and tricks

With whoever you choose, there should be an arrow next to there name.

3. Click “View recent activity”

LinkedIn tips and tricks

4. Look at followers

LinkedIn tips and tricks

And by magic the number appears.


There you go. A simple 4 step trick on finding out how you can find out how many connections others have on LinkedIn. As I mentioned before, I am not sure why you would want to know this but maybe it is because I am not a fan of vanity metrics. If you do see a reason then let me know on the comments below or via Andrew Davis on Twitter.

If you want the whole presentation then you can also find it on Slideshare so please connect there as some of my tips will only be featured there.

Also if you have not downloaded my guide on “What to do once you click publish on a bit of content” then you need to.

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If the purpose of social media is to build your network of connections, you must also think about how to engage those connections to turn them into true relationships . As you build solid relationships, you ll create more opportunities for introductions and referrals into your own business.

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