The Content Librarian’s Weekly Round Up For Busy People

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This is the first content marketing weekly round up by Thinking Outside The Blog. Here we will look at some of the blog posts that caught our eye this week.


Matt is one of my top 5 UK bloggers hands down and you can go to his site and take any post and use to help you as he makes them timeless. This week I will use his 19 actionable SEO tips breakdown.


Tony at Collective Content breaks down why everyone can't immediately be like Red Bull in the content Marketing space. Completely agree with the infographic they have here as well.


Bit of an advanced tactic here by Penelope at Digivate but relevant if you are using Google Analytics and noticing spammy type signs in your data


Anything that saves me time while being productive I want to know and this post by Susan at Fresh Books breaks down 10 tools you can use to help this process. I will be adding some of these to my Free Marketing Tools resource guide on my next update.


Everyone loves quotes, so I had to finish this week's roundup off with these 10 quotes on Interactive Content Marketing by Shaun Williams.


Hope you enjoyed and if you see any blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics or anything else that got your attention that you think people should know about then let us know.


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