Before I talk about me, lets talk about you!

Hi...I am Andrew Davis and welcome to 'Thinking Outside The Blog'. If you have any challenges, questions, problems, success stories or anything you want to ask me, then don’t be a stranger. Click on "ask me anything" below, fill out the short form and let me know. I will do my best to answer.

I have been doing social media and digital training / consulting for many years and my best sessions are always when attendees asks a lot of questions or have specific challenges.

A favourite quote of mine is:

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Many sources                 

I heard this quote a long time ago so decided to base my blog around this. I will try to help as many people as I can but not everyone. If you are:

  • Looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • Not into actionable posts
  • Very serious and cannot stand informal writing and language
  • Want to nit pick at every little thing

​...then this site is not for you i’m afraid.

However, if you are:

  • Looking to build an online business or improve on your current business
  • Interested in a simplified approach to knowing more about digital marketing
  • Don’t mind me going off topic to get to the point (usually connected with films, sport, music or TV)

…..then this site is for you and welcome to my little online resource.

Now....Who Am I?

Andrew Davis

Hi again.... I am Andrew Davis and for the last 7 or so years I have been one of the UK’s most prolific social media trainers, keynote speakers and consultants. I have predominately worked with large brands across multiple sectors, including Kiss FM, KPMG, Barnardos, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Saatchi & Saatchi, London Fire Brigade and many many more.

I also am in my 4th year sitting on the Ofcom Advisory Committee for England where I have a strong focus on technology, young people, diversity and small businesses.

I have always worked in digital since I graduated university, so 2016 brings me into my 16th year. I started moderating chat rooms and forums for the TV show Pop Idol, Liverpool FC (I don’t support them, they just paid well), Playstation and Friends Reunited (Remember them?).

I then got a "proper" job (as working on the internet wasn’t a real job in 2002) and was part of the founding team for the then newly created digital radio station BBC Radio 1Xtra.

I was at BBC 1Xtra for almost 5 years before I was poached to work for MySpace, where I was part of the team to help launch its UK Marketing and Content Division in 2006. I was there for almost 3 years and saw a company go from around 30 million profiles to 220 million profiles…..I was also there to see it lose 200 million profiles. You can say I know what works and what doesn’t.

I eventually left to start my training and consultancy agency, The Worst Kept Secret, where we worked with very large UK and global brands.

One of my landmark moments there was launching the visionary Social Media Fundamentals program to international acclaim. The controversial initiative was the UK’s first ever social media course designed to improve numeracy and literacy and was connected to G.C.S.E. English coursework.

…..and now we are here 🙂

I have been asked to do online training for years but because I was so busy offline, I never had time to put something together now I have made time (finally).

To start with, I have put together a 4 part workshop on promoting your content that has a lot of actionable tips and tricks for you to do and get traffic immediately. Sign up below and I look forward to hearing from you.